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Crafted with organic floral, herbal, whole plant and animal based ingredients for every skin and hair type.

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Inner Joy Sunkissed sun Moisturizer

Sun Moisturizer Suitable for the Whole Family

We recognize the importance of nurturing our skin, which is why our non-toxic sunscreen SunKissed is crafted with ingredients suitable for even the most delicate skin.

Summer Essential

Forever & Always

Pure Ingredients

Each ingredient in our products is carefully sourced from natural and sustainable sources around the world. We go to great lengths to ensure that no toxic chemicals are ever present in our formulations, as we are deeply committed to protecting the body's delicate endocrine system and minimizing any potential irritation to the skin. With a strong emphasis on purity, we never compromise on quality and only select the finest ingredients that meet our rigorous standards. Our ultimate goal is to create a harmonious fusion of science and nature, delivering a collection of products that not only nurture and nourish the skin but also fortify and promote a resilient and healthy skin barrier.

Small Batch

At Inner Joy, we take great pride in ensuring that all our products are meticulously curated in small, fresh batches. Our steadfast commitment to quality means that we never engage in mass production or allow our items to sit on shelves for extended periods of time. We firmly believe that the best things in life take time, and that philosophy extends to our exceptional line of skin care products. Rest assured, when you choose Inner Joy, you are guaranteed the utmost freshness in every bottle and jar.

On a Mission

To ensure that your skin receives the ultimate nourishing experience without compromising its natural essence, we have carefully curated our products with only the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment remains steadfast - we vow never to use anything artificial, as we believe in providing you with pure goodness that enhances your skin's health and radiance. With a thorough selection process, we ensure that each ingredient is carefully chosen for its beneficial properties, giving you the assurance that every application is a moment of indulgence that your skin truly deserves. Trust in our dedication to maintaining the integrity of your skin's natural beauty, as we continue to prioritize the preservation of your skin's health and overall well-being.

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    Whole Plant Ingredients

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    Fragrance & Dye Free

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    Made in the USA

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    Safe For The Whole Family

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    Organic & Non GMO

Inner Joy Refresh After Sun Tonic

Refresh After Sun Tonic

The combination of our key ingredients aloe vera, peppermint hydrosol, and green tea hydrosol not only helps to soothe and cool the skin but also provides a burst of antioxidants and nutrients. This gentle tonic is suitable for all skin types and can be used throughout the day to keep your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Hydrate Your Skin
Inner Joy Restore Hair Tonic

Carefully Crafted for Absorption

"I had an itchy scalp for like 6 months, and the tonic has helped so much to have a non-greasy solution for that dryness and irritation. Love it so far!" - Renee W.

Revitalize Your Hair